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About Sailynn

My mom said my first words were "no ruffles" and my style is still true to that!  Shoppin with Sailin is an online boutique for beautiful women who like to turn heads and make waves with a classic, effortless style of clothing and accessories!

One of my first jobs in high school was working for Sears where I spent 5 years learning the retail industry.  I started in the stockroom unloading trucks, stocking shelves and prepping inventory for the floor.  I then graduated to the new Inventory Management Program where I was responsible for tagging all out of stock merchandise and figuring out when it would be back in stock.  After that program took off, I moved over to RTV (return to vendor) where I saw every item that was returned to the store in EVERY condition! Wow - eye opener! Wanting to be part of the more professional part of the business, I moved into the Customer Service office and basically did everything and anything!  When the opportunity to make more money thru a commission based position came up on the sales floor, I jumped into the Tool Department!  This is where I learned the importance of knowing your product to make the sale was crucial!  And finally my career with Sears ended with a short gig as the "box girl" for Christmas where I gave out free gift boxes to customers!  Sears was by no means in high fashion, but working in many departments taught me all the functions of running a retail business!  The one thing that I truly loved was the ever changing selections of clothing and being able to shop ALL THE TIME!  

I filed all that knowledge in my brain and went on to explore many different avenues in my career at other organizations!  But my love of shopping was always there!

From 2007 to 2017, I owned a Home Instead Senior Care franchise in North Dartmouth, MA to fulfill my first true entrepreneurial passion!  As a business owner I was constantly marketing and networking in the community.  People always complimented me on my outfits saying how fashionable I was and where did I find that?  Fabulous clothes make you look good and feel great!  However I struggled to find the time to shop as much as I needed and wanted to keep my look fresh!  

So I opened this online boutique in October 2016 after over a year of preparation, desire and research into the women's clothing boutique industry to provide busy women like myself, the ability to find clothes and accessories online from a reputable company.  Extraordinary customer service and speedy delivery successfully grew my home care company, so I have incorporated those same things into Shoppin with Sailin.  When you go Shoppin with Sailin, your order is processed and shipped within 24 hours because I want you to be able to rock your new look as soon as possible!!!

My goal is to deliver 3,800 packages of pure happiness to women by the end of 2017!!!  I know that when a woman looks good, she feels great and in turn can conquer the world!

Where did the Shoppin with Sailin come from?  I am a true redhead, die hard scorpio, sorority girl and New England lover, so of course I like to be different!  That is why I did a play on words with the name Shoppin with Sailin.  

If you have any suggestions or ideas for clothing, send them along!  I love customer feedback.

Thanks for Shoppin with Sailin,